Wood Smoke Reduction Program

Improve indoor and outdoor air quality and save money on your new energy-efficient heating system.

Residents of the lower Sunshine Coast and the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District can access rebates up to $750* to install a new, low-emissions electrical appliance such as a heat pump or electric fireplace insert.

Wood Smoke Reduction Program, previously known as the Wood Stove Exchange Program now does not require residents to remove their wood-burning stove in the case of an emergency such as an electrical outage

To be eligible for the Wood Stove Rebate, your existing wood-burning appliance must be used for home heating, and not conform to current CSA/EPA emission standards. It must be decommissioned and properly recycled. See bottom of the form for required documentation.

Rebate funding is limited and available to qualifying residents on a first-come, first-served basis. The value of the rebate cannot exceed the value of the appliance.

*Residents of the District of Sechelt are eligible for an additional $250 rebate top-up. People experiencing low income are eligible for up to $1500. Contact rebates@atmospheresolutions.ca for details.

To apply for a rebate and confirm your eligibility, please complete this registration form:

    The Original Appliance Being Replaced Is A:
    Non-CSA/EPA Certified Wood Stove
    Non-CSA/EPA Certified Wood Fireplace Insert
    Non-CSA/EPA Certified Wood Furnace
    Wood-Burning Cookstove Used For Heating

    Was The Original Appliance Used For Home Heating Before Replacement?

    Appliances that are not installed and in use prior to replacement are not eligible.

    The Replacement Heating Appliance Is An:
    Electric Heat Pump System
    Electric Fireplace Insert
    Other Electrical Heating Appliance

    Please attach the following documentation, or email to rebates@atmospheresolutions.ca.
    - a photo of the original appliance in place in your home
    - a copy of the receipt/invoice for your new appliance
    - a receipt from the scrap yard OR confirmation from your new appliance installer that the old appliance was recycled (if they did it on your behalf)

    Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program Questionnaire

    *Please complete this questionnaire for the CWSRP