Board of Directors

Peter Frinton

Peter Frinton (President)

Peter Frinton is a long time resident of Bowen Island (over 40 years), living on a small farm/homestead with his partner Carol- a visual artist, avid reader, gardener, and Tai Chi instructor. He was elected for four terms as Councillor (1999-2002/2004-2011), including three as an Islands Trustee, and one (2008-2011) as the Municipal Director at Metro Vancouver. His academic background is in Biology (BSc.), with graduate work in Resource Ecology, all at UBC. During his time there, he taught animal health/pathology courses, and was a research associate working on BigHorn sheep, Blacktail Deer, and domestic goat nutrition.

Douw Steyn

Douw Steyn, PhD, ACM, FCMOS

Douw Steyn, PhD, ACM, FCMOS is a Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science at The University of British Columbia, in the Department of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. His professional, teaching and research activities are in the field of air pollution meteorology, boundary layer meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, environmental science and interdisciplinary science. His research involves measurement and modeling studies of regional air pollution, especially in regions with complex terrain. He has worked extensively on the statistics of air pollution, air pollution monitoring and monitoring network design.

Laurie Bates-Frymel

Laurie Bates-Frymel MCIP, RPP

Laurie Bates-Frymel MCIP, RPP has degrees in Meteorology and Environmental Physics/Chemistry from the University of Alberta and a Sustainable Development Certificate from Simon Fraser University. For over 20 years, she worked as an air quality professional, conducting dispersion modelling, analyzing ambient data, consulting with various stakeholders, developing air quality management plans, and implementing air pollutant emission or exposure reduction programs. Since 2015, Laurie has been working to protect ecological health as a Senior Environmental Planner with Metro Vancouver Regional District.

John Urpens

John Urpens (Treasurer)

Jon Urpens has a degree in Geography from King’s College London. His career took him to various professional positions with a rich history of organizational management across various continental geographies. Jon brings a robust skill set that includes interdepartmental collaboration, problem-solving, detail orientation, change management, budgeting and expenditures, performance evaluations, and statistical analysis. He looks to leverage these skills for the benefit of the society.

Lillian Spiegl

Lillian Spiegl

Lillian is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) with Specialization in Psychology. Lillian has worked as an Assistant Executive Director of SAS for two consecutive summers before becoming a member of the board. She is passionate about community-based advocacy for social and environmental causes and has enacted this through various volunteer programs. Some of these include community-based bio monitoring in the Columbia Wetlands, participating in Aquatics Therapy with children with cerebral palsy, and acting as Vice President of Volunteers for a student run organization dedicated to helping relieve seniors of social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic through zoom calls. During her free time, Lillian loves to hike, ski, and road bike.

Louis Legal

Louis Legal (Director Emeritus)

Louis Legal, who formerly presided over the Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society (SCAS) before its 2021 amalgamation with the Sea to Sky Clean Air Society to form SAS, is now honored as Director Emeritus in recognition of his enduring service to our organization. With an academic foundation in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (BSc) and a Masters in Natural Resources Management (Economics & Management) from the University of Manitoba, Louis has a rich educational background. He furthered his expertise with Meteorologist Training at the Department of Transport (1962-63). Louis’s distinguished career as a meteorologist spanned thirty-four years at Environment Canada (1962-1997), with postings across Canada and in Germany. Although he officially retired from the organization in January 2024, Louis continues to be an active and valued member of the society.

Michael Bisaga

Michael Bisaga (Executive Director)

Michael, originally from Toronto and now based in Richmond, British Columbia, serves as the Executive Director of the Society for Atmosphere Solutions. He embarked on his career as an Air Quality Specialist with Alberta’s Ministry of Environment after graduating from the University of Waterloo in 2004 with a degree in Environmental Studies. Since 2006, Michael has provided consulting services in air quality monitoring and management, primarily for non-profits. Initially deterred by the cumbersome GIS applications of the late ’90s, he rediscovered his interest in geomatics thanks to advancements in technology, focusing on data analysis and spatial storytelling. Currently enrolled in the Master of Geomatics for Environmental Management (MGEM) program at UBC, Michael aims to further his expertise in environmental data interpretation and spatial analysis. Outside of professional and academic pursuits, he enjoys photography, travel, and exploring British Columbia’s mountains with his partner and Giant Schnauzer, Ellie.