The Sea-to-Sky Clean Air Society (SSCAS) is a registered charitable Society with a mandate to protect air quality and support climate initiatives in the Howe Sound airshed. SSCAS has the following purposes:

a) To organize and participate in projects and programs designed to protect and improve the air quality within the Sea-to-Sky / Howe Sound Airshed.

b) To identify, communicate, and support initiatives that have both air quality and GHG reduction co-benefits and to build awareness of such in the public.

c) To conduct research related to air quality and climate change and to disseminate the results through a variety of mediums.


Prior to the SSCAS becoming a registered Society in 2010, members met on an ad-hoc basis as the Air Quality Coordinating Committee (AQCC) since 2002. The AQCC worked collaboratively to develop the Sea-to-Sky Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP).

The Sea-to-Sky airshed includes the communities surrounding Howe Sound including:

Sea to Sky / Howe Sound Airshed

Howe Sound Airshed

Programs and Projects

Presently, we have the following initiatives underway in support of our mandate. They include:

  • Clean Air Commute - a 3-year program promoting the adoption of preferred modes of transportation like cycling and carpooling using events like Bike to Work week and Commuter Challenge to support behaviour change. Generously supported by Environment Canada through the EcoAction Community Funding Program
  • S2S Habitat Improvement Project - a native tree / shrub planting project involving local students that will restore and enhance important riparian sites in support of green house gas reduction and clean air objectives. Generously funded by the CN Rail Tree Canada EcoConnexions Grant.
  • Woodstove Exchange Program - collaborating with the SLRD in providing $250 rebates to encourage residents to switch old wood stoves for cleaner more efficient models. The Community Foundation of Whistler recently awarded us $2000 towards topping up 10 of these rebates with an additional $200 for qualifying households. Please visit the Woodstove Section of our website for details.
  • Burning & Smoke Control Strategic Framework for the Sea to Sky / Howe Sound Airshed - working with the MoE and Howe Sound stakeholders, SSCAS will develop a framework towards the harmonization of burning and smoke control policies in the region. Final report will be available March 2013.
  • Working with the Future of Howe Sound Coalition - SSCAS will be joining the coalition and attending forums towards the development of a comprehensive management plan for the Howe Sound and Sea to Sky Corridor.
  • Working with transit operators, and the Squamish Transportation Committee - SSCAS will continue to promote dialogue that leads to the creation of more commuter options and the adoption of preferred modes of transportation over single occupancy vehicle use.

The projects that we would like to implement, but which are presently awaiting funding are:

  • Compost Pick-up Service - a pilot compost pick-up program using a vehicle powered by waste veggie oil.
  • Clean Air Awards for Corridor Champions - a friendly competition between corridor businesses to see which one is doing the most to protect our air. Prizes and appreciation dinner provided.
  • Emissions Inventory - an update of the regional emissions inventory.
  • Air Quality Advisories & AQHI: The Public Health Response - a research study exploring the link between public communications tools like air quality advisories and the Air Quality Health Index and the care received by vulnerable patients with Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (i.e. asthma, emphysema)

If you are interested in supporting any of these projects by making a cash or in-kind donation or by volunteering, please contact: seatoskycleanair@gmail.com. Fresh ideas are welcome too!